Let's set the record straight..

2012-10-24 18:04:21 by rambojoe

I made myself a "Contra Rampage t-shirt!!" Well technically I did not make it but had a small business do it for me, all I did was give them the stuff I wanted on it and they put it on the shirt, and I am happy with it! I know I could have saved more money doing it online. But I have to support business in my area some how. And yes I paid to much for it but that's why I only have one shirt for myself. Because....... I'm...... greedy...... ggrrrrr!!! mmm...this is making me hungry, I think I'll have a sandwich.

update: Going to have the Zelda toon done in a couple of weeks im guessing, or maybe five...so yeah, now you know.

Let's set the record straight..


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2012-10-25 20:52:34

Son of a bitch. Can I give you money? I want one of those T-shirts, NOW!!!!!

rambojoe responds:

No Saminat, it's mine, my own, my...precious...BAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! XD